Call for papers

The official language of the conference is English (English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English translation will be provided).

The deadline for submission of abstracts is October 8, 2012.

The confirmation of abstracts acceptance is October 15, 2012. The abstracts of the conference will be submitted to American Psychological Association (APA) PsycEXTRA database at

All abstracts should be submitted by completing the abstract registration form.

Abstracts should be up to 300 words.

Proposals for oral or poster presentations are considered. If an abstract is accepted into the conference, but not selected for oral presentation, that abstract will be automatically assigned to a poster presentation.

The first author on the abstract is considered to be the presenter of the paper at the conference.

The Scientific Committee encourages submission of abstracts in the three following areas:

Legal psychology

Forensic psychology

Criminal psychology

Police psychology

Correctional psychology

Organizers expect the conference will cover a wide range of subjects in legal psychology, including: forensic experts’ decision making, eyewitness evidence, false confessions, forensic assessment, juvenile delinquency, lie detection, mental illness and offending, offender profiling, psychopathy, rehabilitation of offenders, psychological rehabilitation of victims of crime, domestic violence, prevention of violence and child abuse, child in court proceedings, psychology of restorative justice, issues of the sense of justice, psychologists in prison, the current state of penitentiary psychology and prospects for development of the psychological service in the penal system, problems of assessment  in penal practice, scientific basis and practice of correctional  work with prisoners, psychological support of staff in the system of execution of criminal penalties.

Technical instructions for oral presentations

The session rooms are equipped with a computer, a computer controlled projector and a traditional overhead projector. If you require any another piece of equipment, please let us know in advance. Lecture halls are equipped with microphones and loudspeakers.

The session room equipment is prepared for presentations using MS Windows and Office7 (backwards compatible with earlier versions). You will probably find PowerPoint to be the most feasible software for the presentation.

Poster presentations

Poster size: maximum 118,9 cm tall and 84,1 cm wide

The poster must include:

1. abstract

2. introduction, problematic, objective

3. methods

4. results

5. discussion

6. conclusion.